A Seasonal Guide to Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance is a year-round job. Each season brings its own set of tasks to keep your pool in optimal condition. Nevertheless, whether you are opening, closing, or maintaining your pool, you will need to know the right measures to take. So, check out our guide to pool maintenance to determine what your next steps are.

Spring Opening

Spring Season Pool Maintenance

As warmer temperatures signal the start of a new swim season, you are probably anxious to take a dip. Before you do, read on to find out what to do first.

  • Clear off your pool cover completely using a leaf blower or a broom. After the cover is free of dust and debris, you can take it off carefully and hose it down. Once it dries, store it indoors.
  • Skim the water’s surface to remove leaves and debris. This also gives you a chance to survey the area for any need for repair.
  • Scrub any stains from the sides and floor and then vacuum.
  • Fill the pool up.
  • Using litmus paper, to measure the pH levels and add the appropriate chemicals to adjust it.
  • Shock your pool to get rid of bacteria and algae.
  • Check your pump and filtration system to ensure it is in working order; then reconnect it.
  • Prime and start your pump; then check the water’s circulation.

Once you complete these steps, you can attach your handrails, ladders, and diving boards.

Summer Cleaning

Summer Season Pool Maintenance

Summer, on the other hand, is all about regular maintenance to keep your pool water clean. Simply follow these steps.

  • Skim your pool at least once a week and when you first see debris.
  • Scrub the sides of your pool with a brush every few days to remove stains.
  • Apply chemicals such as algaecide and chlorine on a weekly basis.
  • Every 4 days, run your circulation system and check to see if the pop-up nozzles are functioning correctly.
  • Vacuum your pool once a week and backwash your filter immediately after
  • Shock your pool after a storm and any other time when necessary

Additionally, you will need to clean your skim baskets at least once a week and keep testing your pool’s water and adjusting its pH levels.

Fall/Winter Closing

Winter Closing Pool Maintenance

If you live in an area where winters get quite cold and snowy, then you will definitely need to close your pool down for the season by performing these tasks.

  • During the fall, skim leaves daily so they do not clog your filtration system or leave stains behind.
  • Test and adjust your water’s pH level before closing.
  • Blow out all water lines and winterize them by installing freeze plugs
  • Take off all wall fittings and cleaners and remove skimmers.
  • Turn off your filtration system and drain all the parts.
  • Lower the water level.
  • Store other equipment such as ladders, rails, and diving boards in a dry place
  • Cover your pool completely

In early spring, you might have to repeat these steps to shorten the opening process at the beginning of the swim season.

When to Hire Professionals

As you can see, any form of swimming pool maintenance can take from an hour but opening and closing can take an entire weekend. If you still feel uncertain about your own expertise in opening or closing your pool for the season, you might call a professional who is sure to perform these tasks along with a thorough inspection without any mishaps. Plus, if you see small cracks or stains that will not come off even after scrubbing, call a professional.

Seasonal maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your aquatic space and can save you the stress of dealing with a swimming pool repair. Therefore, you should consider a consultation with professional pool contractors who specialize in all areas of pool repair and maintenance.

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