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Vinyl Pools

Choosing the right kind of material for the swimming pool is equally important as pool’s shape, size, and type. Vinyl pools are one of the most popular types of inground pools as it offers benefits over other types of pools materials like variety of designs to choose from, quick and affordable installation.

Most common and affordable type of swimming pool that you can build for your backyard is Vinyl lined pools. The vinyl Inground lined pool designs in NJ are not new, but with increasing demand, ability to adapt custom design and quick construction time, it has become homeowners’ favorite pool in NJ. Generally, the vinyl inground pool set up cost is low, because of the minimal amount of raw materials. But, you will have to pay more for installation process than for materials, because of it’s a big labor process and skills are required for a quality vinyl line application. The vinyl inground pool liner installation cost in NJ may range as per the requirement and design.

Vinyl Pool- Custom Pool Pros

It’s important to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl inground pool before for plan to get one. Let’s check out why some people avoid vinyl pools.

Houses with low quality vinyl liner swimming pools have a lower market value. Some even see it as a liability and may request to replace the liner before buying house, to make sure the maximum time elapses before replacement is required.

If not installed properly Vinyl liners swimming pools sometimes may tear around the top in pool. It is possible to repair the punctured liner but it is unsightly.

Vinyl pool liner may stain and fade off as days pass on. If the design of vinyl pools is not chosen smartly it looks unattractive and doesn’t blend well with steps and benches. Low quality Vinyl liners provide minimal insulation, which reduces heat to the soil mass, ends up in making more heat to the pool.  We make sure all products are used of highest quality to keep your pool in good shape for longer time.

At Custom Pool Pros, we take care of everything for our customers. With us you don’t have to worry about unnecessary cost involved in construction, repair or service of Vinyl pools. We offer the best vinyl in-ground pool liner installation in NJ services at an extremely reasonable price.

Vinyl liner Pool Installation- Custom Pool Pros

Overview about vinyl pool

In recent years, vinyl liners pools are being manufactured with new materials and composite technologies which last for years. This type of improvements increases the durability which leads to providing warranties ranging from 20 to 30 years depending on the manufacturer. However, the life expectancy of the liner directly depends on the usage and with the number of family members. And also, of course, it’s maintenance.

The frequent complaints are about fading of liner, even the best liners will fade when it is directly exposed to high UV levels. The main reason for the replacement of liners is the fading liners. Replacement of the liner is required in every 8 to 12 years, even if it is not leaking or has other problems. Pool owners can expect to pay about $4000 to make the replacement of the liner. Some avoid this, but if you your pool to look new always, change the liner.

The pool liner is usually 20 to 30 millimeters thick, equal to a few pieces of paper sandwiched together. The main disadvantage is a puncture, which is usually caused by pool toys, dog claws, and of course kids. If a puncture is caused then it results in the replacement of the entire liner, which may be charged to thousands of dollars. One of the most common places in the pool to tear is Coping, which is the edge condition of your pool where it meets the deck. Usually, contractors use aluminum C-track systems to pour concrete around the edge, which may looks unattractive but saves the liner.

How best your pool designs suit your property?

You have to be more careful in vinyl pool installation in NJ, as the vinyl pool liner design & installation has to fit with the appearance of your overall property. It has to properly blend into the space of your backyard. When it is perfectly blended, it looks like a part of your home and provides a beautiful look to your yard.

You have to concentrate on the architectural style of your house when selecting your pool. You have to be clear whether a contemporary or traditional pool will better suit your house. As to yourself, should the edges be streamlined and straight, or be quite softer, will round edge suit your property? Pools are usually customized as per the customer’s requirements and provide different styles in different ways, with either straight-edged or rounded-edged paving around them. This helps to completely transform the design of your pool and makes it blend better with the entire property.

Vinyl liner Installation- Custom Pool Pros
Vinyl liner Contractor- Custom Pool Pros

It’s not done with only the design and shape of the Vinyl pool, another important element to be considered is the color of the pool. Suppose if you are built in a concrete pool, then you can design it with several tiles. Then, when it comes to Fibreglass pools, it usually comes with Gelcoat surfaces, but there are only limited colors as much as the manufacturer provides. But with vinyl inground pools you can choose from a wide range of colors. Be more focused on the color that blends with your home and yard. To make it a special feature in your house, you have to choose the right color that makes the best fitting to your pool.

Pool design ideas should start with the pool

The first process to start with is to choose your pool. Without choosing your pool you cannot think of putting any other design or elements into it. The important factor to cover the appearance of your backyard demands on the pool you choose. This is the main reason to choose the pool first and then plan for other design elements around its shape and style.

Never decide in a rush. You have to remember that your pool selection is an important decision as it is a big investment. For many years in the future, you need to be satisfied with your pool and the appearance of your yard. Take your time to design and choosing the elements, don’t panic even if your project is delayed. Be patient to clear out things with your Vinyl pool contractor which you are unclear.

Vinyl liner Builder- Custom Pool Pros
Vinyl inground pool liner- Custom Pool Pros

Once you give your full effort and thoughts to your pool, then for sure you are going to be completely happy with every part of the design, and keep on enjoying your life looking at it, as well as enjoy by using it for a long time in the future.

At Custom Pool Pros, we deliver the best Vinyl liner pool designing & installation services for our customers. With us you don’t have to think twice about what is good and what is not. We believe in not just meeting but exceeding customers’ expectations as well. So don’t worry about unnecessary costs involved as we are here to offer the best solutions for Vinyl lined swimming pool design & installation in NJ  requirements.

What Our Customers Say

Thank you for creating a backyard that I’m proud off

The project came out so great. Thanks for being there all along the way. We did not know all the answers, but you came up with many ideas that now, with the built pool look great. Thank you for creating a backyard that I’m proud off.

Cheryl, Watching

Thanks Custom Pool Pros for the great pool and patio renovation

Thanks Custom Pool Pros for the great pool and patio renovation, the project was finished on time as promised. We had a fantastic time in the backyard for the birthday party. We didn’t give you much time to work on it but you still pulled it off. Thank you for doing a great job, on time and on budget.

Dina, Ringwood

Great vision and delivers with perfection

Tom has great vision and delivers with perfection. We were using our pool a day or two before his promised completion date which is extremely rare in this industry. Tom also did our landscape and circular driveway which was also exceptionally finished. We would never use anyone else.

Chetan N, Morganville

We highly recommend Custom Pool Pros

Hired Tom at Custom Pool Pros to build a gunite pool, new patio and driveway at my personal residence in Spring Lake, NJ. Tom is an absolute professional and has mastered his craft. I have built or rehabilitated 10 houses and have never been so happy with a contractor. Tom was always available and always followed up. I really appreciated how he spent hours showing us around to pools and other projects that he completed in the area – gave us confidence he would do the job and he delivered!!!!

Christopher A, Spring Lake

The pool came out fantastic

I have owned my own businesses for over 30 years and the way I was treated by Tom and his company was so great that it inspired me to improve my business’s level of customer satisfaction. The pool came out fantastic, I get compliments from every friend or relative that has been to my home. The after the sale service that Tom has given me is nothing short of amazing. If you are considering a pool, contact them, it will be the best decision you’ll ever make!

Rich S, Manalapan

Great effort, team and result

Tom built us a lovely backyard. He turned a plain space into a fantastic place for our family to spend quality time together. He managed the project in a timely manner and was very flexible on late decisions and changes. Great effort, team and result.

Davis P, Summit

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