Salt Water Pool Systems: What is it? Pros & Cons? Better than chlorine?

The salt water pool is the next step in the world of swimming pools. Especially for the people who love the pool for its health benefits, salt water pool is a boon. Lower maintenance and higher benefits, what more can you ask. Salt water pools are becoming increasingly popular because they offer all benefits of traditional chlorine pools, plus more.

Salt water pool systems create their own electrolysis, which generates chlorine, usually in sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid. It acts as an oxidizing agent and offers similar effects as chlorine does. In a chlorine-based pool, chlorine is added in solid or powdered form, whereas a salt water pool has its own mechanism. It means that the salt water pool is not chlorine-free; it just has a dedicated system in place to do that. That’s why it is the first choice of pool owners.

Pros and Cons of Salt Water Pool Systems

Health: Salt water pool is healthy for your skin, eyes, and lungs. You can enjoy your time without having to worry about anything. If you or someone in your family have water allergies or asthma, then salt water pool systems are better than a traditional pool for you. Unlike chlorine-based pools, there is no smell or odor in salt water pools either. Kids, pets, and older people are often at a much greater risk for catching infections and lung inflammation in an ordinary pool. That’s why salt water pools are a great alternative.

Costs: Salt water pools might cost you slightly more than traditional pools. But keeping in mind the benefits it offers, the cost could be justified. If you are looking for long-term benefits, then salt water pool systems as an investment are worth it.

Maintenance: Compared to traditional pools, salt water pools are less expensive in repair and maintenance. As long as you keep the pool clean, you should not expect any surprises. You can go easy with our guide on swimming pool maintenance.

Swimming Experience: If you want a pool to enjoy swimming and not just to be under water, then a salt water pool is the thing. It offers you a perfect swimming experience with its silky water. Also, since you don’t have to face any irritation or itching in your eyes, you are likely to enjoy the swimming sessions better.

Pool Design: Every design you can get in a traditional pool, you can get in a salt water pool too. You can get limitless designs, themes, and patterns. Get pool as you’ve seen in luxury resorts and hotels. You also add many features and accessories to your swimming pool and transform it into a healthier party place.

Longevity: When compared to traditional pools, salt water pools also last longer. Until you are thinking of remodeling or renovation, there’s nothing much to worry about. A gunite pool or vinyl pool installation will be a better option with salt water pool systems for a longer life.

Which is better: Salt water pool vs Chlorine?

The primary difference between a salt water pool system and a chlorine pool is that salt water pools have significantly controlled and reduced chloramines. The traditional chlorine pools often have high chloramines.

Chloramines are the result of the breakdown of molecules because of oxidation in the pool water. And it is the leading cause of skin and eye irritation. Therefore, traditional pools may cause more health-related problems.

Typical salt water pool systems have a salt level of approximately 35,000 ppm, which is considered to be a healthy range.

With salt water pools growing in popularity, you would frequently find salt water pools in resorts, hotels, homes, villas, and also on cruise ships. However, considering its health benefits and luxury features, homeowners prefer to have a salt water pool installed in their own homes too.

It doesn’t give you a strong smell, like those chlorine pools. The smell of chlorine can cause headaches, eye infections, and allergies. A salt water pool doesn’t have many harsh effect on clothes. Health benefits alone are a good reason to choose a salt water pool for your home.

From your hair to your swimsuit saltwater pool takes care of them better than traditional pools.

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