The best time to buy a pool in NJ….. what most pool companies won’t tell you

When is the best time to buy a pool in New Jersey?

So you’ve contemplated on a pool for so long that you woke up and decided you are ready! Or you just think its time schedule a consultation with a pool contractor. Maybe you are ready, but its cold out and decided to put the project off until warm weather comes around. These are situations consumers are facing and the ultimate question is when is it the right time to start your pool installation?

The landscaper will tell you now is the best time to buy, if you are reading this during the winter, he is absolutely right!

If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, do not hesitate to pull the trigger on a pool installation during the winter. This is a time when the season is slowing down, which opens up the table for negotiation with your pool contractor. This is also a time when permit processes are approved much quicker which can expedite any landscaping project to be able to install shell’s of the pool much faster. Last, if you are looking to at least swim by the upcoming summer, without a doubt you must start early in the season just in case there are any delays. Get a good deal and solidify your chance to enjoy your new pool by the next upcoming season!

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