Exploring the Types of Custom Pools in New Jersey

Creating a custom pool on self-owned properties is one of the primary goals for many citizens. They increase the overall aesthetic of a property while catering to the owner’s desires. However, choosing the right pool can be hectic as many factors come into mind when creating a custom pool, such as styling, size, and budget. Discover the types of New Jersey pools as we dive into the various customs pools you can create on your property.

Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools are the standard luxury swimming pools that are mainly used in premium residences. Also referred to as vanishing pools, most of them are created to face the likes of cities or skylines as they provide an appealing view of the estate.

Due to their complicated structure, they are considered one of the most expensive pools to get, with an average worth ranging from $55,000 to $130,000.

In-Ground Pools

In-ground pools are the regular New Jersey pools that are usually the best choice for families. They are best for a summer day weekend with the family as they are meant to be party pools. There are three types of in-ground pools: fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete, with an average cost of $28,000 to $55,000, depending upon the material and the type of pool you choose.

Fiberglass Pools

This type of in-ground pool, despite being one of the easiest to install, does not fit the custom pool category as they have a fixed size of 16 feet in width. Although they possess a high upfront cost, their maintenance cost is cheaper than most custom New Jersey pools.

Vinyl Liner Pools

These in-ground pools have a low installation cost. However, the vinyl liner itself needs to be changed every 5-10 years due to the material being old and easily damaged. The good part about it is that it can be customized to any shape desired.

Concrete Pools

As the name implies, concrete pools are one of the best choices for a long-lasting custom New Jersey pool. Despite a longer construction timeline of 6 months, they are guaranteed to last longer if maintained properly.

Above-Ground Pools

These are custom pools usually made for backyard venues. They are arguably one of the cheapest New Jersey pools to install, with an average cost between $1,850 and $5,000. They are low-risk pools, and you can enter the pool only from the outside, usually by climbing a specialized ladder or climbing from a deck. However, this may not be your first choice if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing pool for your backyard.

Swim Spas

Being one of the best luxury swimming pools, the swim spas have a lot to offer other than just being a swimming tub. Being a combination of hot tubs and swimming pools, they range from $15,000 to $25,000 and offer a lot of health benefits, hydrotherapy being one of them. If you are not in the mood to work out, then you can simply work in using these custom pools.

Smart Pools: Merging Technology With Aquatic Luxury

With the rise in AI technology, the same formula is being implemented in custom pools to create a smart pool that merges technology with luxury swimming pools. From adjusting the warmth of your water to adjusting the lights, everything is at your fingertips.

Landscaping Around Your Pool

Setting up a landscape around your pool is a creative way to enhance the beauty of your custom pools. There are a variety of ways to place landscaping around your pool, ranging from covering one side of your pool with plants to placing a large rock wall beside a portion of the pool.

Tips On Creating A Stunning Poolside Environment

Creating a stunning poolside environment is not an easy task, as it requires a few requirements to achieve beforehand, such as:

  • Assign a space: The first step in creating a stunning poolside environment is to select the right space. The best way to start is from the backyard.
  • Select the layout: Define the layout of the custom pool. Is it a dining lounge or a bar? It is up to you to decide.
  • Get the right material: Once you’ve decided on the layout, use the required material to build your stunning poolside environment
  • Install entertainment features: Entertainment features such as a television and speakers for an outdoor movie night.
  • Safety comes first: Make sure that you take care of the safety of the people using the pool. Don’t make the pool too slippery for children and follow safety precautions.


Building your custom pools can be a difficult task, and sometimes, it is best that you hire professionals to do the job for you. Arguably, one of the best choices is to contact Custom Pool Pros in NJ. They are experts in the field of pool building and specialize in creating pools ranging from in-ground, fiberglass, concrete, and gunite. They aim to provide customers with luxury swimming pools at a reasonable price.

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