Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Liner vs. Concrete Pools: An Honest Comparison

Inground pool purchase has ample alternatives in today’s world where the pool industry has advanced over the years. Many factors come into action when you consider installing a pool in your backyard. So here is a quick guide on fiberglass vs concrete pool vs vinyl pool that you can read and decide which one to opt for in your backyard.

Fiberglass vs Concrete Pool


Fiberglass pools in today’s world are taking top-notch and are becoming highly popular as an inground pool option to opt for your backyard. They come with lesser maintenance and are durable enough to last for a lifetime. When homeowners decide to install an inground pool, most people inevitably consider fiberglass vs concrete pool. 

Maintenance is Minimum

Fiberglass pools do not need much maintenance. A 45 minutes job is enough to keep fiberglass pools clean and neat. Concrete pools require more maintenance because they can host bacteria and algae that eventually will affect the water quality in the pool.

Installation Time

Fiberglass pool installation is comparatively easy to vinyl and concrete pools. It takes between 3 – 5 weeks for the whole installation process. But concrete pools take more time to complete, and it takes approx 6 to 10 weeks for installation.


Concrete pools are highly durable as compared to fiberglass pools, and there are very minimal chances of them getting damaged.


Concrete pools look classy and pretty. And, the most important part is that you do not have to be worried about the separation and bubbling. With a little bit of maintenance, you can also avoid algae growth and staining. Compare with concrete pools, fiberglass pools do not meet your exact aesthetic needs with a few shapes and sizes to choose from. 

Fiberglass vs Vinyl Pool

Ability to Customize

Vinyl liner pools have more ability for customization than fiberglass pools. Most vinyl liner pools are rectangular, and they have a broader range of shapes and sizes than fiberglass.


Vinyl pool is cost-efficient and an economical alternative that you can choose compared with fiberglass pools. 

Sleek and Smooth

Vinyl pools NJ is very sleek, smooth, and exhibits an appealing aspect that no one can stop themselves from diving into the pools. The interior surface of a fiberglass pool is called the gel coat. Fiberglass and vinyl liner both surfaces are super smooth.

Concrete vs Vinyl Pool

Installation cost

Vinyl liner pools have the lowest initial swimming pool cost compared with concrete pools.

Things are easy with concrete pools

Unlike vinyl liners, concrete pools do not require liner replacements and acid washing.


Concrete pools should last around 50 years or more and vinyl liner pools can last a lifetime with routine liner changes.

So this was an honest comparison between fiberglass vs concrete pool, fiberglass vs vinyl pool, and concrete vs vinyl pool. Ultimately your pool preference depends on what you expect and how much you’re willing to spend. The choice between fiberglass vs concrete pool, fiberglass vs vinyl pool, and concrete vs vinyl pool will depend on many factors like your budget, property requirements, and aesthetic preferences. Contact us for the best concrete pool, vinyl pool, and fiberglass pool in NJ. We are known as one of the top swimming pool contractors in NJ.

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