How Much Does It Cost To Install A Fiberglass Pool?

Pools are a back house addition to your house that can add some fun and exciting element for those dull and boring days. They can give you respite on a hot and sunny day when you can simply jump in the pool and enjoy yourself amongst the waters. Construction of fiberglass pools may cost you a considerable amount of investment and the cost may vary depending on the materials that are used for construction. There are many factors that add up to the fiberglass pools cost NJ, read further to know about the factors that add up to the cost of the pool installation:

Pool Parts

You might simply think of a pool that has water in it for one to dive, but there are parts of the pool as well. The ladder, the stairs, dirt hauling, liner, water pump, heater, etc. are the parts of the pool that adds up to the cost of the pool installation. Each part has its own separate price and differs from each other. The quality of parts that you are using may decide the actual sum total that will be incurred on getting a fiberglass pool installed.


Design is another factor that decides the cost of fiberglass pool installation NJ. The designs and variants available for fiberglass pools may not be as much as concrete and vinyl pools, but still, there are lots of designs that one can choose from. Ranging from kidney styled pools to free form and even roman styles, there are many alternatives for a fiberglass pool. The design, along with the dimensions, can be a deciding factor for the cost that will be incurred on an individual for installing a fiberglass pool.

Finishing of the pool

Fiberglass pools have a gel-coated finish on the top at its surface, and thus this coating can also increase the overall cost of the pools. Also, this coating exists in a variety of colours and metallic finishes that may add up to the cost of installation. A pool with a proper finish is probably something that may cost you high in comparison to a pool that does not has an appropriate finish. Also, these finishes come in the form of a double coat, and multi-coat finish may cause you to pay a higher sum in comparison to a pool with a single coated finish. The perfect finish for your pools may vary from manufacturers to manufactures and can determine the cost factor.

The decking cost

The deck is that area of the swimming pool that can give you grip when you are wet and can withstand the water. The deck is made using a variety of materials. You can find the decks to be made of stones, concrete, aggregate surfaces, wood, stamped pavers, etc. So the different material that you may prefer using for your pools may decide the cost that will be incurred for the installation of Fiberglass Pools NJ. Basically, the pricing of the materials may vary depending on the material that you choose for the deck. And thus you can expect the cost to hike up if you happen to prefer some luxurious materials for the construction of the deck.


Apart from the installation cost incurred when you put your foot forward for getting a fiberglass pool for your house, another charge that you may need to pay off is the maintenance cost. Once you get these In Ground Pools NJ installed in your house, you also need to pay heed to its maintenance. Maintenance is necessary to keep your pools safe and functional. You may either up to call for the professionals, or you can even try out the DIY hack to maintain your pools.

Bottom Line

So these were a few factors that may add up to the cost of installation of Fiberglass Pools NJ. So if you are on a budget, make sure that you consider the factors mentioned above to get a pool that may

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