How Adding a Pool Will Increase the Value of Your Property

The idea of relaxing by the pool in a hot summer day is definitely something we all think about with a smile on our faces and dreamy eyes. However, when it comes to installing a pool installation in your own backyard, realtors seem to have different opinions on the topic –some of them believe it will limit potential buyers while other claim it’s a great asset that not only increases your property’s worth but also allows you to enjoy it for as long as your keep the property. We believe adding a pool definitely increases the value of your house, and we’ve got all the arguments that sustain that!

First of all, in-ground swimming pool can go from $10 000 to $100 000, depending on several factors, such as pool size, pool type, materials being used and area. Some National Association of Realtors studies have even shown that the value of a property increases with 8% up to 15% along with a pool installation system. Besides, if you don’t want to sell right away, you’ve got yourself the dream of every teenager – your own backyard pool! Try to visualize spending some quality time with the family, barbecuing near your pool, and you’ll realize this adds more than financial value – we’re talking about emotional value.

Secondly, some realtors claim a pool will reduce the range of possible buyers, since families with young children may have the tendency to stay away from them. They believe these families will be preoccupied by their children’s safety. While this might be true for certain families, there are definitely some that prefer a pool, especially if they like swimming or if the pool is secured. Also, studies have revealed that the largest market for pool is middle aged families with teenage children. So there’s no need to shy away from installing a pool, there’s quite a market out there for such properties.

Before installing a pool, you should also consider the area where the house is. If you live in a modest neighborhood, it’s possible that the pool will decrease your property’s value, due to the difference in pricing considering the medium price for a house in the area. However, this is now always the case. Moreover, if you live in an upscale or luxury neighborhood, people will probably expect to find some sort of pool in the backyard, therefore adding a pool installation will only raise the property to their expectation.

Moreover, there’s a large variety of pools to choose from. If you’re having doubts about the in-ground ones, you have the option of installing an above the ground one. You can choose from concrete or gunite pools, fiber glass, vinyl-lined pools and so on. If you’re considering adding this asset to your property, you should be aware of the maintenance costs that are associated with pools. However, in warm locations and nice neighborhoods, this is sure to raise the sale and resale value of the property. A house that is well taken care of will only be more valuable if it has a pool installation.

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