How to Clean a Green Pool

Green pools are a common concern all pool owners face. When the pool is not used for some time, the water becomes foggy, algae rich, and green. It is essential to regularly clean the pool and spend some time in its upkeep to keep it clean and hygienic. An abandoned pool often leads to dust, debris, algae, and it can turn green. Today we will discuss in detail about cleaning a green pool. We will share tips for cleaning and maintaining your pool. To clean a green pool better, we’ll first have to understand what causes it.

What Causes Pool Turn Green

Whenever you see your pool water taking a shade of foggy blue or green, it is commonly because of algae and dust settling in. Oxidation of the metals after performing a pool shock can also make the pool water turn green.

No pool owner would ever want to witness algae build up in their swimming pool. Not only does it look horrible, but it is also unhealthy for swimming. It is essential to address the issues as soon as possible, or else it may make the murky water green and even cause unsightly black spots around the walls and floor of your swimming pool.

Steps to Clean your Green Pool

The good news is that there are ways to clean your green pool quickly and effectively. You just have to follow the recommended steps and get rid of the problem in a jiffy.

First you need to drain the pool then follow these steps to clean a green pool:

1. Vacuum Your Pool

The first step is to vacuum the pool thoroughly and flush out all the murky water. Vacuuming the pool is pretty easy and can be done on your own without seeking professional help from experts, provided you have an adequately powered vacuum cleaner. Follow the simple steps to vacuum the pool according to the instructions, and you are good to go.

2. Brush the Pool Walls and Floor

Now, the next step involves thoroughly cleaning the walls and pool floor. Make sure you remove all the dust and debris that’s settled there. While you do that, you will clearly notice algae and dust coming out of the pool. Well, there you go! That’s the reason why your swimming pool turned green or dark blue in the first place.

Now half fill water in the pool and go to the next step:

3. Shock the pool with Chlorine to Kill Algae

You now need to add chlorine to kill algae and bacteria. Adding a chlorine-based shock to the pool is the best way to kill green algae. Leave it for some time, and you will start witnessing the difference.

4. Test The Water for pH and Alkalinity

The next step is to check the quality of water and make sure the pH and alkalinity of the water are under the acceptable range. The pH level of pool water should be between 7 and 7.6. If the pH level is higher than 8, there’s a risk of skin rashes, and if pH is lower than 7, water can sting the swimmers’ eyes.

5. Run Water & Clean Filter

Now keep running water in the pool to ensure the quality of water is good. Make sure you clean the filter and continue to test the quality of water. The fastest and most effective way to clean a green pool is by using appropriate pool chemicals and your pool filter. The complete process generally takes around 5 days, but you can expect to see significant improvement in water color within 5 to 10 hours of you performing these activities.

Tips for Maintaining Your Pool after the Cleaning the Green Pool (In The Future)

To keep your pool always clean and ready for swimming, you should invest some time and effort in the maintenance of your pool. You can make it weekly or monthly; it depends upon the local conditions and pool type. Regular maintenance of your pool ensures a safe and clean pool environment throughout the season.

Here are some common pool maintenance tips:

  1. Regularly skin off debris, dust, and leaves for the pool.
  2. Brush the walls and pool floor to remove any layer of dust that has already settled.
  3. Vacuum the pool during regular intervals to enjoy healthy pool water.
  4. Keep the pump running.
  5. Check the filter and clean it to ensure clean and clear water.
  6. Test pool water and add chemicals

You can follow these pool professional’s recommended steps to clean the green pool. Get rid of the green pool and enjoy a hygienic swimming experience. Usually, pool owners don’t get enough time to maintain the pool properly, which leads to a dirty pool. Therefore, it is always advisable to hire a pool expert for maintenance and keep the pool always ready for quick swimming sessions.

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