How to close your pool

Did you know that your pool is also seasonal? The nature and look of your swimming pool varies according to the season. The seasonal changes that happen to your pool in winter should be taken care of lest it might drastically deteriorate your pool. Your pool tends to get flaky and moody just like the winter snow; hence it is always best to close your pool during winters. Closing your pool is not a single step process. It requires some time, effort and proper guidance. Closing the pool is mandatory especially for those living in places with very cold weathers.

Before closing the pool, you need to take certain measures and follow typical steps. The first thing to be noted is checking the ph level of the pool water. Ensure that the pool water is balanced in ph. This testing is a week long process. You will definitely need the help of an expert professional in doing the same in order to maintain the quality standards of the pool water. Next step is to remove the additional equipments from the pool. Things like ladders, diving boards etc need to be removed before closing down the pool. If your pool has become flaky, then remove the snow flakes and other debris by skimming the pool. Unless your pool is completely clean, it is not ready to be covered. You also need to reduce the water level, filter and sanitize the water before closing the pool. Purchase a winter cover for closing. Winter covers are specially made for your pool’s protection. A quality pool builder will guide you in doing the necessary steps and will provide you with the required equipments to clean and cover your pool. Pool covers are custom made and come in different shapes. The material of the pool covers is also according to the requirement of the season. It is necessary to guard your pool in winters because if the water temperature lowers the volumes of water can raise up to nine times its original volume. This can cause damage to your home as well!

So don’t think twice to hire a professional. Winter pool maintenance is as important as pool building. It is a necessary step to safeguard your pool and your home.

Expert professionals at Custom pool pros are your perfect guide for winter pool maintenance. Contact us to know more on how to close your pool properly.

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