Inground VS above ground pool comparison

Even if the summer seems to be far away, it is high time to think about spring and summer renovation. The first thing that comes to mind is a swimming pool. It is probably the thing you were dreaming about for long. But when your dream comes to reality a couple of issues may roll up. And one of them would be the eternal comparison of underground and aboveground pools. Which one would you prefer? Here you will find some major pros and cons of both.

The first thing to compare is the price, of course. It is quite obvious that the inground pool will cost you much more than the aboveground one. You may ask why. First of all the materials the inground pools are made of are quite expensive. Be they vinyl or concrete (which is a bit cheaper), still it is more expensive than metal with resin that aboveground pools are usually made of. And then the installation work – we usually forget to sum it up to the final price, but we definitely have to do that, as installing the inground pool may be twice more expensive than the pool itself. The same situation is with its aboveground “companion”. But still the total amount of money you will spend on the aboveground pool will be less in any case.

The second thing is the pool`s size. If you think that the aboveground swimming pools are smaller than the inground ones, you are totally mistaken. They can be even larger in fact. The only thing is that in an aboveground pool you are limited by the same level of depth everywhere while in the inground pool the depth may vary.

The next point would be maintenance. When you were dreaming about a pool, have you thought about this issue? I bet, you did not, but you should. The inground swimming pools require much more maintenance than their aboveground competitors. The vacuum techniques are more expensive and best of all you have to hire a professional to clean the inground pool. The aboveground one you can clean easier, besides you can put it down for the winter period if you want or need it.

Another point is beauty. And here we have a winner – of course, it is an inground pool. It simply looks much better anyway, you can construct it in a shape or design you want and you can decorate it. Aboveground pool is a totally different story. Of course, you can try to decorate it and add lights, but still it will look cheaper. Well, it is cheaper after all. But you have to consider this fact if you care not only about the convenience of your house but also about design and beauty.
Another thing to compare is longevity. The inground pool will last approximately 7-15 years depending on its construction, while the aboveground one will last 6-11 years before the structure starts to give out. But considering the fact it is much cheaper it is quite understandable.

The last thing considering an investement point of view – which pool add more value to your real estate. The clear winner is ‘Inground pools’ , Even though it expensive than above ground, it increase total value of your real estate asset.

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