Natural Gas Pool Heaters – Cost & Installation Process

Want to enjoy a warm pool whenever you feel like swimming? Natural gas pool heaters are some of the fastest, most effective pool heating systems available. If you’re thinking about heating your pool, consider the advantages of using gas.

How is a Natural Gas Pool Heater Different from Heat Pump and Solar Pool Heaters?

  • Natural gas pool heaters are more powerful than most heat pump or solar pool heaters. They can be turned on and heat a pool quite quickly, which means they’re the best option if you don’t want to keep your pool heated all the time, but would rather just turn it on when you want to use it. 
  • Natural gas pool heaters are also fairly simple and small, making them easy to maintain and easy to install. They take up very little space in a home and they require little by way of regular maintenance.
  • The alternatives to gas pool heaters are heat pumps and solar pool heaters. Heat pumps use electricity, and while they are more energy-efficient, they are also usually weaker; they take longer to heat. Solar pool heaters have similar issues, along with having a more erratic energy source.
  • A gas pool heater will always work as long as it has a connection to natural gas. A solar pool heater will only work when the weather conditions are optimal.

The Cost of Natural Gas Pool Heaters in US

Gas pool heaters Cost
  • The cost of a natural gas pool heater depends on the size of it. Some pool heaters are used to heat comparatively small areas, such as a smaller pool next to a larger pool, or a spa or sauna.
  • The average cost of a natural gas pool heater will range from $500 to $1,500. An electric heat pump heater is going to cost closer to $3,500. And solar panels can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $9,000.
  • There is a difference in operation; a gas pool heater will cost about $200 to $400 a month to run. This is compared to $120 to $200 for an electric heat pump, and theoretically nothing for a solar panel system. That being said, a gas pool heater usually isn’t run all month; because it is more powerful, it can be run only when it needs to be.
  • An electric heat pump will take more time to warm up the water and will therefore be more inconvenient.
  • Gas prices and energy prices do vary based on where someone is, with gas being substantially more affordable in many areas. So, those who have very low natural gas heater prices and higher energy prices may see even more savings during the operation of their pool heater.

The Installation Process of Gas Pool Heaters

Installation Process of gas pool heaters

A gas pool heating installation is fairly simple. A natural gas pool heater is a single unit that can be installed anywhere near the pool. 

  • Natural gas pool heaters are fairly small and are generally installed on a concrete pad or other solid surfaces. The Natural gas pool heater itself should be as close as possible to the pool to avoid energy loss through the piping.
  • Most people can install the majority of a gas pool heater themselves, though they should have a professional install the natural gas line that has to connect to the heater. Because the heater does need to connect to a gas line, it also should be located as close as possible to the existing gas line. Homeowners can find out where their gas line is by calling the utility company.
  • A gas pool heater will have a pipe going to it to bring in cold water and a pipe going out from it to deliver the hot water; that’s it. After the pipes have been connected, the heater will be able to be run and tested. It will pump water into itself, heat it, and then pump the water out.
  • The professional installation of a gas pool heater shouldn’t take longer than an evening and shouldn’t substantially disrupt the area around the pool.
  • In short, gas pool heaters are a fast, effective way to heat a pool. While they do cost more than the other popular options to run, they also need to be run less frequently and heat up the water faster. If you’re interested in installing a pool heating system, a gas pool heating system will be the simplest and fastest to install. They will also be the cheapest option upfront because they are so simple and easy.

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